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Social Media Marketing has taken on a whole new meaning over the years. When building your business, you need to know how to use organic search with paid marketing. But with so many options and opportunities, knowing how and knowing when can make the difference between success and failure. Here are the basics:


Knowing who your customers are is the best start to your successful social media marketing. All the fun of social, at your fingertips.
Social Media is a great place to find out where your customers are hanging out.


Go where your customers are. Your business doesn't have to be out your front door anymore. Let us take you to the world, or bring the world to you.


Why is social media marketing so successful today? Give us a call and we can show you why and how to build your business.
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What We Offer

Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is a great place to start your social media marketing with. Here is a list of just a few great tools you should be using every day.

   Canvas Ads.
   Carousel Ads.
   Lead Generator Forms (How could we ever live without these).
   Image and Link boost.
We know they can all be a bit confusing, and complicated to get set up. Let Dark Twin Marketing be your Facebook hero.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is one of my go to for daily leads to any website. Although daily post have a short shelf life, hashtag marketing is better than any paid ad I've ever used. Some of the Twitter tools every website owner should use:

   Twitter Cards. (These are awesome, but complicated).
   Sponsored Tweet (start your own trend).
   Website Conversion Tracking
Let us do a quick evaluation of your twitter page, and let you know how easy it would be to proceed.

LinkedIn Marketing

If your wondering how to do successful business to business (B2B) marketing, Linked in the best place to start. Marketing to other businesses has never been very responsive to traditional marketing.

   Lead Generators.
   Business Ads.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is everywhere. I can't even start to mention all of the places that video is vital to your marketing today. Everything from animation, to live vlogs and so much more. Today's podcasts are being replaced with live video feed. 

We offer automated video commercials that are not only great for commercial advertising, but education.

*Ask us about other great social media marketing options. (435) 554-8352

Great Reads
For the DIY who wants to get started on their own. Here are some great articles about starting your Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing changes drastically every week, when your ready to take the next step and go full speed ahead, give us a call we have plans starting at $199 a month.

Facebook Canvas Ad with the stroke of a brush

Facebook Growth with the stroke of a brush

Published: July 2016
Hashtag: Clickable, Searchable, & Measurable grouped items, used in many Social Media outlets. Distinguished by (#) the pound sign before a word or group of words.
The Hashtag - it quickly became a buzzword and can now be found in most social media settings - started as a simple idea back in 2007 when Chris Messina @ChrisMessina posted a simple message.

Hashtag Marketing or the pound it sign

Hash Tag it or Pound It?

Published: June 2015
In the recent past, Facebook Ads released video advertising, carousel ads, and images ads, that through a call-to-action button can link to web pages which promote products and services. Social Media is one of the top modes of marketing today, with advertising dollars being redirected to mobile marketing dramatically. Facebook is moving forward with incredible forms of advertisements, to cash in on those dollars.
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