Your Brand is your Promise, Value, and Vision
Your Complete Business Branding Coach.
Branding your business is much more than a logo or letterhead. It is the promise that you make to your customers, the value you offer, and how you are seen and remembered by your customers and prospective customers. Don't get lost in the branding shuffle. Get the best brand you can.
Your brand is the value you offer to your customers


Your Brand starts with the value that your customers have perceived in your company. They want to see you as trustworthy, efficient, and available. Create value with a well thought out brand.

Your company brand is the promise that you make


Your company brand is only as strong as the promised you make to your customers. Create a brand that is strong on your promises as a business.
Branding with colors, is how you reach the emotions of customers

Color Branding

Every color you use, has an emotion and manipulation value to your customers, even when they don’t know it.
What We Do to Build Brand Awareness

Color Evaluation

Creating a color brand, needs to fit not just your business, but your customers, your marketing and even your employees. Create a color brand that builds business, not one that looks “cute”.


Business Brand Coaching

Branding your business is basic. If you are just starting out, or an established business. Let us help you set your long term brand.

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Logo Design and Graphics

A picture paints 1000 words. Tell your story with a Logo and graphics that tell your story. Just the way you want it You are not a $5 kind of business.

   Research Your Logo.
   Brand Your Business.
   Design Your Logo

Print Media

Print media is putting your best foot forward without being there.

   Business Cards
   Trade Show Flyers.


Social Media Branding

Social Media is where your customers are spending their time.
Create a social media presence that creates trust, but where everyone knows who you are and what you do. A profile that catches they eye, catches the customers.


Website Design and Development

Your website is your face to the online world. Having a site that is SEO friendly, mobile friendly, and user friendly is important to business growth.

   Wordpress blogs
   Content Management Systems (CMS)

Great Reads

Branding your business, builds trust, creates comfort to your customers and lets the world recoginize you. What does your brand say about you?

Branding your business to make them come back for more.Branding them Hungry for more

Published: May 2016
Branding your business with the right color, can keep them coming back for more. Spend more money, more often.

When your business needs clarity, you need to brand with this color.The Color of Clarity

Published: April 2015
When you need to create a clear relationship with your clients, you need to sit back and take a deep breath with this color.

Branding your business in blue is more than just saying blue. Brand with perfection.100 Shades of Blue

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